Lactation Issues Counseling

lactation issues breastfeeding counseling in Boulder, ColoradoHave you struggled with breastfeeding or lactation issues? Have you wondered why it hasn’t gone as smoothly as you imagined, or why you don’t enjoy it the way you think you should? Do you love it so much that you are finding it difficult to break away and wean--even if it may be time?

The topic of breastfeeding is very personal. I am here to support you in whatever path you have decided is best for you and your baby. Whether you are breastfeeding, having lactation issues or bottle-feeding, I’m certain you are dedicated to the nutrition your baby receives. Some women know from day one that they do not want to take on the demands of breastfeeding, so before their baby is born, they carefully plan exactly what type of formula will be best for their baby. And throughout infanthood, they will frequently speak to their pediatrician regarding their baby’s weight and overall health.

Other mothers have always known they would breastfeed their babies, and when the time comes, they may run into a few small issues here and there, but overall, the process goes smoothly. In fact, the process can go so smoothly that these women may find it difficult to stop. The emotional attachment can be so strong that even if the child no longer needs the breast milk, both mother and baby find the ritual hard to discontinue.

Then there are mothers who desperately want to breastfeed, yet they either encounter problems and have to stop, or they decide that the demands of frequent feedings, nightly wakings, endless pumpings, just do not fit their lifestyle, so they end up switching to formula.

All of these scenarios are built around love and, therefore, are perfect in their own unique ways. There is such a societal pressure for women to do everything right as mothers--whatever “right” means. We see these angelic maternal images in advertisements, and we read blogs from women who seem to do it all. Sadly, we even judge each other. “Did you see how she spoke to her child?” “Can you believe she is holding her baby like that?” “She never buys organic food.” “She shouldn’t let her baby cry it out.” “I can’t believe she sleeps with her baby.” And on and on it goes. Whatever the subject, there are people judging. There is a saying, “When you point one finger, there are three fingers pointing back to you." We may think that if we point out something another woman is doing wrong, we will feel better about our own maternal capabilities. However, it is actually these very judgments that pull us further away from each other and, therefore, affect our overall sense of the powerful feminine. If women are ever going to be empowered, we have to come together. It is the collective confidence and acceptance that makes us stronger.

So, needless to say, when women aren't able to live up to the messages we are given on how we are supposed to be, we can go through a great depression and begin to lack self-esteem. And these feelings are what actually affect our maternal capabilities the most… not the details of how we parent.

Many women feel some type of guilt for not breastfeeding or experiencing lactation issues. If they have a low milk supply, they feel as though their bodies are failing their babies. They may even feel as though they are somehow less a woman for not being able to care for their children in the most natural way. And if women choose to stop breastfeeding, because they cannot handle the great demands of work, other children, busy lives, self-care, etc., they can feel as though they are giving up.

So many components of breastfeeding can make it challenging--the nipple soreness, the time constraints, the feeling of exposure, the frequent night feedings, the unattractive bras, the leaking, etc… But on the flip side, there are so many wonderful parts about it that it can be something you miss dearly when it’s all over--the bonding, the attachment, the feeling of nature, the overwhelming feeling of love. It’s a powerful part of motherhood. Therefore, whether you breastfeed for a long time, a short time, or not at all… you will feel something concerning this decision.

I am able to support whatever issues you are having around breastfeeding and lactation issues. If you are having problems with your thoughts, with your milk, with your emotions, with time management, I can support you. I can help you love yourself, regardless of how you handle your experience of being a mother, because if you love, forgive, and accept yourself through the maternal process, you will inevitably be an amazing mother--despite the details, despite the noise. I can help you find that place of truth and acceptance. It’s already in you! Let’s start today! Contact me today to schedule an appointment in my Longmont or Boulder, CO office.